Nath's Spine Zone Thumbnail

Nath's Spine

Level Range: 1 - 7

Floating in the Twisting Nether is a strange remnant of a great ogre empire. The ogres here retain their ancient strength and cunning, but all is not well. The gronn attack from one side, and the newly arrived Burning Legion attack from another. Above them all is Nath, once the warlord of Draenor’s giants, now reborn, but with sinister imperfections.

Stromgarde Zone Thumbnail


Level Range: 8 - 11

The ogres who choose to assist the Boulderfist Ogres land right in the middle of a three-way conflict between the ogres, the humans of the Alliance, and the Syndicate. It doesn’t take long to realize that the Syndicate has even darker allies, and the only option left for the ogres is to team up with the Alliance.

Stonemaul Zone Thumbnail


Level Range: 8 - 11

The ogres who choose to assist the Stonemaul Ogres arrive just in time to help against another demonic invasion. After several setbacks, the Stonemaul are rejuvenated enough to finally prove their worth to their enemies and the Horde.

Forbidden Moorlands Zone Thumbnail

Forbidden Moorlands

Level Range: 100 - 100

High in the Redridge Mountains is a land abandoned since the time of the Arathor Empire. Recent events have stirred the ancient moorland, however, and the forces of the Alliance and Horde are not content to wait for the enemy to show itself.

The Black Skull Zone Thumbnail

The Black Skull

Level Range: 100 - 100

Not far from the mainland of Outland is another piece of land that was separated in the destruction of the world. Home to a stranded group of survivors, the Burning Legion has found it a strong foothold to recruit fel minions to use against the mortal races who dare oppose them.

Northrend Pole Zone Thumbnail

Northrend Pole

Level Range: 100 - 100

Winter Veil is here, but something is wrong. When the Champions of Summer and Winter war over their chance to rule the holidays, the Winter Pillar gets caught in the crossfire. Built by Greatfather Winter to regulate the seasons after he retreated from the mortal world, heroes must come to save it before its destruction dooms the world to chaos!

The Stonemaul Legacy Zone Thumbnail

The Stonemaul Legacy

Level Range: 1 - 12

The invasion of the Iron Horde has brought to light the once great legacy of the ogres. Such knowledge has begun to stir the minds of the ogres on Azeroth, especially in the Stonemaul Clan of the Horde, who appear to have an unresolved secret hidden in the past.